Symposium "Exhibiting Difficult Histories: Benin Objects and their Potential for New Forms of Representation"

Am Freitag, 19.04.2024

The recent dynamics around restitution and the transfer of ownership have resulted, and continue to result in new ways of presenting Benin works. On the occasion of launching a newly curated part of the Benin exhibition in the Humboldt Forum, this panel focuses on the display of Benin objects in current exhibitions and their potential for new forms of representation. We bring together case studies from different museums in Germany, Britain, the US and Nigeria, all of which deal with the objects they house from their very own situatedness.
Together with our guests, we investigate museum strategies of exhibiting: Which forms of representation do they adopt to historicize the collections? How do they aim to incorporate a polyphony of voices in their exhibitions? Which role does modern and contemporary art play in newly curated Benin exhibitions?
This event gives us the chance to deepen the connections between academia and museums on a national as well as international level. As a learning and process-oriented institution, we are interested to critically examine our own process of exhibiting and to do so together with our guests.

Find further information about the registration and program here: 2024-03-12_Benin_Symposium