The Forensics of Provenance: Colonial Translocations through the Lenses of Legal Pluralism

Von Donnerstag, 08.02.2024 bis Freitag, 09.02.2024

International Workshop


There is a broad public debate on the restitution of objects with colonial or imperial provenance. However, political and legal debates often disregard the normative understanding and the legal imagination of communities of origin related to these objects. The workshop addresses this issue by providing a common conceptual and disciplinary framework for understanding the embeddedness of material culture in a plurality of legal orders and normative systems. Through interdisciplinary theoretical groundwork, conceptual reflection, and illustrative case studies, its participants fill this lacuna and suggest new research methodologies and legal remedies useful for policymakers, legal scholars, and heritage professionals.

Thursday, 8 February 2024 to Friday, 9 February 2024


Room change!

JurGrad (Kettelerscher Hof)
Conference room K1
Königsstraße 51-53
48143 Münster


Dr. João Figueiredo
Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Einheit und Vielfalt im Recht”

Dr. Sebastian M. Spitra
University of Vienna

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