Digital Information Meeting “Research and funding opportunities in Germany”

Von Mittwoch, 14.02.2024 bis Mittwoch, 14.02.2024

The Network Colonial Contexts would like to cordially invite you to the digital information meeting “Research and funding opportunities in Germany”, which will take place on February 14, 2024, 3.30 pm-7:45 pm and again on February 16, 2024, 8.30 am‒12.45 pm ‒ UTC+01:00 via Zoom. Two different dates are offered to cover different time zones. The event will be held in English. 

The network was founded in 2020, and includes provenance researchers, scholars from social and cultural anthropology, history, political science, and art studies, and experts on digitization in science and culture. They represent about 50 different institutions, such as libraries, archives, museums and university collections, research funding and infrastructure institutions.

Agenda: The aim of the meeting is to introduce the diverse and heterogeneous structural contexts in Germany, i.e. federalism, private and public funding organizations as well as individual programs that enable project participation or application by international project partners. On the one hand participants will get the chance to learn about research tools in German institutions, museums, archives and on the other hand get an overview of the German funding landscape. 

Background: One of the goals of postcolonial provenance research is that international and German experts jointly investigate historical collections. This requires that not only the collection holdings themselves, but also other relevant materials (e.g. archival sources or library holdings) can be found in the first place or are accessible to an international public. 

However, many of the projects that emerge in this area are still characterized by an imbalance: The German partners develop the research agenda and design and then approach potential international partners. However, if we want to relinquish interpretative authority and control, we would have to reverse the process: experts (or partners) develop projects that are relevant to their respective environment and then carry them out with or without German partners. The basic prerequisite for this is that financial resources in Germany can be used by the foreign partners to build up their own scientific networks, institutions, or individual careers.

Admission is free, but registration is required. For this purpose please register until January 31, 2024 in this google doc:

Participants receive the detailed program at a later date. For further information please contact: .